M88 Handicapping the Candidates for Liverpool F.C.’s  & pound;150M Stadium Naming Deal

M88 All Rights Reserved. The Mirror cited no sources for its claim that Liverpool is looking at three companies to pay more than Arsenal’s record-breaking deal to name the Emirates Stadium. It has a strong presence in Malaysia, where Liverpool played an exhibition in the summer. He must tread carefully — the Anfield stadium is a cathedral to its fans and they will not brook its name being sullied with a m88 brand that trivializes the club.

The previous m88 owners, George Hicks and Tom Gillett, brought an 80 million shirtfront sponsorship to the club — its biggest ever — and their reward was to be drummed out of the m88 club, forced to sell at a loss, after a months-long campaign by fans to get rid of them. “The Bank of America Stadium” will be a tough sell to fans, however.Prudential: The insurer was reportedly a contender for the shirt deal and it may still be interested, especially as it too has a growing M88 Asian business. “The Carlsberg Stadium” has an inoffensive ring to it. market for new fans. “The Rock in Stanley Park” could be the best-sounding name on the table.Konami: The Japanese video gamemaker also has an existing pact with Liverpool, and more importantly it is the maker of Pro Evolution Soccer, known as Winning Eleven in the East. Besides, we’ve been down this road before: The M88 News of the World “reported” two years ago that Liverpool wanted 240 million for the stadium naming rights, and that deal turned out to be Scotch mist.


The other two names are unknown. First, it’s worth pointing out that the deal may not even exist. That’s how tough managing Liverpool is.

2011 CBS Interactive Inc.. Henry could be about to pull off one of the biggest and riskiest m88 sports deals in years. But back in May, commercial director Ian Ayre gave this cryptic explanation of how Standard Chartered got the shirt deal:

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If Fenway Sports Group actually does a deal worth more than 150 million for the naming rights to M88 Liverpool F.C.’s stadium, then owner John W. By amazing coincidence, Carlsberg is launching new brands there, too.Bank of America: The finance institution already has a relationship with the club, and it’s inevitable that Henry will at some point want to find a way to tap the U.S. Liverpool also recently started a youth m88 club in India and may tour there too. The paper also said that if the deal goes through Liverpool could use the money to break ground on a proposed new stadium in STanley Park “early next year,” which seems way too soon from a logistical point of view.

We didn’t actually choose the one offering the biggest amount of money; another m88 company offered significantly more.What company might have a sports sponsorship budget larger than StanChart’s, and might also be interested in Liverpool? Here are four possibilities:

Carlsberg: The brewer was Liverpool’s lead sponsor from 1992 to 2010 and retains a relationship with the club. “The Konami Stadium” would give the company an excellent weekly platform to promote every new iteration of PES.It’s all speculation, of course. It’s a bank with a large M88 Asian client base, and the future of soccer finance is largely in the East (Manchester United is offering stock in their club on the Singapore exchange, for instance).. And Carlsberg is trying to expand in M88 Asia.

Assuming the rumor is true, however, who might be the contenders for such a massive sponsorship? Standard Chartered, the current shirt m88 sponsor, is one of three names in the ring, the thai-m88 says

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Donald M. Jones

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